About Us

Veenu Leather
Fairly traded quality leather goods

Our aim is to supply ethically traded leather bags of high quality that don’t cost the Earth.  Not only do you get a beautiful handcrafted bag, but also peace of mind that we care greatly about where they come from and how they are produced.

Importantly these bags are not factory made negating all the possible pitfalls of mass- produced goods such as exploitation of cheap labour, poor working conditions and a reduction in the quality of the merchandise.

All of our bags come from the Thar Desert in Asia and are locally handcrafted in villages deep in the countryside.  The bags are traded on an open market with many outlets, ensuring that the makers can negotiate for the best price.  We buy directly from one of these small outlets run by two brothers and their families.

Leather-work is a traditional craft in the area which dates back hundreds of years and possibly more.  As a result the quality and the finish of the leather is impressive and we pay a high price to ensure the level of quality remains consistent.

Each and every one of our bags is handmade with incredible attention to detail.  Once tanned, the leather is double-stitched and riveted together.  The bags are then oiled heavily and dried in the desert sun.  This process softens the leather and gives the bags their characteristic deep, rich colour, and sweet leathery smell that unfortunately mellows with use. 

No chemical dyes are used at any time in the manufacturing process allowing natural weathering of the bags.  Gradually the leather becomes amazingly supple, and after one year of use, the colour is enriched.  The bags acquire an antique finish and soft tactile quality; photos cannot do this process justice.

Remember these bags are not factory produced so do not expect factory perfection- each one contains slight variations in the leather- work that makes them individual, and many are expertly patched.  We think this is what makes our bags special, and in the course of the weathering process, each bag takes on its own unique character that is testament to the natural way in which it was produced.  You’ll soon find that you will become inseparable from your bag after seeing it change and develop a life of its own.

The Collection

All of our bags have a high quality finish and are lined inside with a heavy green canvas in the traditional manner.  Each satchel has a thick, strong, strap that is fastened with a buckle and can be adjusted for length by punching holes (just like a belt).  The satchel bags have three separate compartments, with two inner zip pockets and one outer pocket.  The dohlki bags (a dohlki is a type of round Asian drum) contain one inner zip pocket and three outer pockets on the large types, whilst the small size has one outer pocket.  All measurements are approximate and are given in centimetres.

As the leather is oiled, the bags are fully waterproof upon purchase and are very durable.  We don’t recommend any treatment, however if so desired, the bags can be saddle soaped after one year of use to bring out the rich colour of the leather.